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Oh!Poppyseed™ Chia Seeds

Oh!Poppyseed™ Chia Seeds

R 25.95

Packed with a f**kton of Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, protein, dietary fiber and magnesium, these tiny mofo's have a deliciously nutty flavour and a sponge-like ability to absorb liquids. Oh, and they also happen to be low GI and packed full of antioxidants. They are great as a daily supplement and, when added to pretty much any meal, they'll drastically boost the nutritional value of said meal. Ain't that awesome?

Ingredients: um... chia seeds. Duh.

Serving Suggestion: add chia seeds to baked goods, smoothies, drinks, salads, porridges, puddings and breakfast bowls, or make your own chia pudding by soaking them in dairy-free milk, like a boss.


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