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Oh!Poppyseed™ Brintong on Fire

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The original Chilli Brinjal Biltong, dawg!

If Oh!Poppyseed’s™ Brintong on Fire had to have a persona, it would be Marla Singer from Fight Club. You see, they’re both stick thin with a complex and challenging character, largely misunderstood (yup, guys brinjal is a fruit and not a veggie, and Marla is a flawed-woman and not just a crack-addict), and they can pack a motha-flippin’ punch. However, at the end of the day, your life would be mediocre and boring without them. Brintong on Fire will make you work for every bite. With a taste that will leave you wanting more and a texture that’s tough and addictive, you’ll never be quite the same once you’ve met this badass MoFo!

Ingredients: brinjals, whole coriander seeds, ground coriander, organic Bragg’s Aminos, organic tamari sauce, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, peri-peri and spices.

Serving Suggestion: shove fistfuls in your mouth as a snack or add it to soups, salads, wraps, pizzas, stews or pretty much any food that could do with little something extra.

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