Oh!Poppyseed® - Plant-Based Biltong
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Why should you buy from our online store? Well...

  • Freshhhhhness: we send you stock fresh from the kitchen, so you never have to worry about the best before date (unless, of course, you wait until the best before date to eat it, but that's pretty obvious).
  • Convenience: seeing as you're already here, you may as well take advantage of that. Besides, why drive around when you can shop from the comfort of your own couch?
  • Easy Sales Process: we power our store via Shopify, the world's simplest and most secure eCommerce platform, which you can check out here. A few clicks and then you sit back and wait for your goods.
  • Security: we process card transactions via PayFast, one of the leading and most secure South African online payment processing companies (check them out here). We also have cardless transaction options such as EFT and SnapScan (check them out here).
  • Deliveries: we deliver via door-to-door courier all over South Africa within 7-10 days of receiving payment confirmation.
  • 7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: a sweet deal only applicable to our online sales. Terms and Conditions apply, which you can find here.

If you're still not convinced and/or prefer to shop in an actual store, we have a bunch of awesome stockists all over the country who are playing their part in making the world a more joyful place. Check them out:



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