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Our Partners

We don't just provide you with delicious plant-based cured meats to snack on when you're feeling peckish. Nah. We want to help you make the world a more joyful place.

We've all gotta be healthy in both body and mind to achieve such an audacious goal and we've got to collaborate with others too. That's why we've partnered with organisations that are doing the same thing we are - helping you make the world a more joyful place. Check them out below, yo!

With Green Monday South Africa it's all about cutting out the meat and dairy for one day (Monday, obviously) and chowing down on some delicious and healthy plant-based food instead. They'll help you out with reducing your animal-based food consumption as well as teaching you how to prepare some plant-based meals that are so good you'll zen out and find bliss. Find them here.
At Oh!Poppyseed, we believe that non-human animals have the same right to be on Planet Earth as we humans do and that they should not be exploited. Ban Animal Trading is a non-profit animal rights organisation that makes it their business to ensure that animals are not exploited by humans, and we're proud to be affiliated with those badass (yet professional and pragmatic) activists. Check them out here.

When looking for community advice on anything plant-based, the usual port of call for most peeps is the South African Vegan Society. Looking for info on what the flip the V-word means? Or do you want to find recipes, local events and the latest plant-based news relevant to South Africa? Find them here.