Live a Joyful Life™, yo!
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Our Story

Yo! We're Craig (left) and Ricardo (right). We're the hunky Co-founders of Oh!Poppyseed™.

A few years ago, when Craig's wife was pregnant, she had an overwhelming craving for biltong.  Around the same time Ric, who wasn't pregnant but who was hangry (sic), had an overwhelming craving for droëwors.

Normally, this wouldn't have been a problem. We could simply walk into the nearest store and buy some. But in our particular case, there was one catch: neither we nor our wives eat animals. So, this meant that we could either compromise our principles and eat animal-based biltong, or wait white-knuckled for the craving to pass.

Instead, we were like: f**k that sh*t. We wanted biltong. The same taste. The same texture. But without the guilt and all that sh*tty cholesterol, saturated fat, and bad karma. 

So we made our own, loved it (of course), and then decided to share our creations with the world. We found our vocation.

Now, our mission in life (apart from chowing down on delicious plant-based food) is to help people live joyful lives by feeding them food that's:

  • tasty as f**k;
  • good for you;
  • good for the environment; and
  • good for your conscience.

Join us in kicking complacency to the curb - one plant-based product at a time!

Peace Out, Yo! 

Ric & Craig