Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far-away...

An Awakening

Let us know if you can relate to this (or a variation of this):
One day, you’re minding your own business, scrolling through Facebook laughing at all the memes. Suddenly, you come across something on your feed that shows you the brutal reality of animal agriculture and the detrimental effects it is having on people’s health, the planet and billions of animals every year.
You don’t believe it, of course. That can’t happen. That cruelty? Not in South Africa, you tell yourself. (Spoiler Alert: it does happen in South Africa).
You start digging deeper, uncovering all of horrors that the industry is wreaking. We have 12 years left? You say out loud, flabbergasted. You watch videos. Read articles. Join Facebook groups to learn more. You’re shocked at what you uncover. Horrified. Like, seriously, they do that? WTF!
That’s it. You want to change. You’re giving up meat and dairy. You want your kids to have a habitable planet to live on. You want to save billions of animals from suffering. You want to get healthier.
But, yoh, it’s bloody hard… What are you supposed to snack on at your cousin's braai on Sunday, or at the next cricket match at Wanderers?

We’ve got your back.

We know it’s hard. We’ve been there. That was our journey, too. You’re not alone.
That’s why Oh!Poppyseed® exists - we want to make it easier for you to reduce your meat intake by providing you with delicious biltong that you can eat in any situation: alone in front of the TV, with friends at a rugby game or with your family at the next birthday.
You won’t feel like you’re missing meat at all. 

The Cherry on Top? 

Not only are you now able to eat your favourite South African snack even while cutting out meat, but our biltong doesn’t have any kak cholesterol, saturated fat, or bad karma. It’s high in protein, calcium and iron.
Basically, it’s a guilt-free power snack that is both delicious and helps you and your fellow South Africans make a positive difference in the world.