Live a Joyful Life™, yo!
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About Us

What comes to mind when you see the name "Oh!Poppyseed"; a quirky catch-phrase or a Company that will change the world? How about a quirky company that will change the world? Let’s break it down…

Oh!Poppyseed is all about rocking a healthy and joyful life in a way that is sustainable for everyone. We exist to facilitate mindful consumerism. We want you to embrace a joyful life by kicking complacency to the curb; complacency regarding your health and wellbeing as well as that of your loved ones, the environment, and our human and non-human earthlings.

When you hold an Oh!Poppyseed product in your hand (or mention our kick-ass name out loud, for that matter) you are the most awesome person in the room. By becoming part of the Oh!Poppyseed Family, you are not only telling the world that you give a damn, but that you are actively making a difference. 

And isn't that the most empowering thing you could do?

Oh, and did you know that Oh!Poppyseed donates 10% of all profits to animal charity? Damn right we do. We see no point in making money if we aren't gonna give any back, yo!