Live a Joyful Life™, yo!
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Live a joyful life yo’!

What do you get when you combine mind-blowing flavour with power-packed antioxidants? Oh!Poppyseed Biltong, that’s what dawg! Not only does it taste good, but it is good…mother-flippin’ good for you! While the Oh!Poppyseed brand is decidedly badass, our products are all good, and while our mouths might be dirty, that’s the only kind of dirt we’re willing to stomach! Oh!Poppyseed Biltong is meticulously dehydrated to retain and concentrate its nutritional content. Our products are preservative-free, gluten-free, msg-free and, best of all, cruelty-free! When you chomp down on Oh!Poppyseed Biltong, you’re not only giving your taste buds a guilt-free, oh-so-damn-good treat, but you’re chomping down on unadulterated health as well!

Kicking Global Warmings A**!

Oh!Poppyseed’s Biltong packaging is 100% biodegradable. It’s made from plant-based and renewable material like bamboo or cornstarch. Yup, bamboo and cornstarch are some versatile muthas. Our packaging is geared to degrade in about twelve months, which is a hell of a lot sooner (like, hundreds of years sooner) than all that plastic and polystyrene crap we have clogging up our oceans and killing our marine and bird life…like, WTF, man! Our packaging won’t do that, it will actually help the environment by breaking-down into compost!

So, when we say our products are good, we really do mean that they’re all good. Use our clean products with a clear conscience, and get husslin’ towards a clean bill of health and a joyful life yo’!

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