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The Skinny on the pHat Scale

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The pH scale is pretty damn important and is applicable in a ton of fields such as medicine, chemistry, agriculture and oceanography, to name few. In short, its purpose is to measure how alkaline or acidic a substance is.

The pH abbreviation stands for “potential hydrogen”; a scientific measure of the amount of hydrogen ions in any particular solution. Simple right? Ahem. Before you smile blankly and cuss silently in your head, we know that this definition does little to clarify things – unless you have a science background (and no, watching all five seasons of Breaking Bad doesn’t count) – so let’s break it down…

When it comes to our bodies, the “solution” we are referring to is our tissues and fluids. The pH level in our tissues and fluids determines how healthy or unhealthy our cells are.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14

  • A reading of 0 to 6 on the scale means that you’re dealing with increased acidity, with 0 being the acidic KingPin. The more acidic a solution is on the scale, the more oxygen deprived it is.  
  • A reading of 8 to 14 on the scale means that you’re dealing with increased alkalinity, with 14 being the alkaline KingPin. The more alkaline a solution is on the scale, the more oxygen rich it is.
  • A reading of 7 on the scale means that you’ve hit neutral.

Where does your hot-bod feature on the pHat scale?

Your body operates optimally at around 7.4 on the pH scale, and thus tends towards slight alkalinity.

However, your body maintains a delicate and oh-so-awesome system of pH checks and balances. For example, your hair, skin and punani (read: lady parts) are ordinarily more acidic in order to keep bacteria at bay, while your saliva is more alkaline. Your urine is generally more acidic and your body also deals with naturally occurring acids that result from metabolic and aerobic processes taking place inside of you.

So basically, while acidity and alkalinity serve their purposes, too much of either is really bad, given where our bodies are situated on the pHat scale. The noteworthy thing to bear in mind is that an unhealthy lifestyle and diet tends to make our bodies more acidic, and so proponents of health and nutrition tend to be more concerned about our pH dropping below 7.4 and the long term effects thereof.

For purposes of your pHokken hot-bod, all you need to remember is the following:

  • Solution: your body’s tissues and fluids.
  • Alkaline: above 7 on the pHat scale more oxygen is provided to your body’s tissues and fluids.
  • Acid: below 7 on the pHat scale less oxygen is provided to your body’s tissues and fluids.
  • Your Hot-Bod’s Ideal pH: 7.4 on the pHat scale (slight alkalinity).
  • Shit Lifestyle and Diet: increased acidity your hot-bod’s pH level drops below 7.4 on the scale.

Read more about the pHat scale here:

Additional Resources:

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  • The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet by Christopher Vasey and Jon Graham
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