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Homie Shout-Out: Leafy Greens

We all know about Leafy Greens. If you don't then (1) shame on you, and (2) do yourself a damn favour and get your ass over there and eat their amazing food. They have this plant-powered buffet going that will make your eyes tear and your mouth drool.

While you're at it, check out their on-site store where they stock a shit-ton of healthy and delicious food, snacks, staples, ingredients and [insert relevant item category here]. They even have fancy organic nail polish, dawg!

In fact, when you're checking out the plethora of stuff, be sure to grab yourself a packet or six of our biltong, buy it, take a photo of it and post it on social media. Because, why not?

Seriously, though, these guys are awesome. Antonia, the owner of the fine establishment, has recently been awarded the distinguished title of "Wellness Ambassador". Which is a pretty big deal, and goes a long way to highlight the awesomeness that is Leafy Greens.

So, what the hell are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

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  • jonjon on

    I would love to taste this , where can i buy some ?
    im based in Bedfordview


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