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Green Monday SA.

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Monday. The day of the week dreaded by 99.98% of the working populace. The day after the epic weekend of partying at a local club (or at home) with other peeps (or yourself; we don't judge). The day that you have to wake up early again and drag your feet to the office, facing yet another week of drudgery that is the work week. The day after the Sunday Night Blues kicks in, and you curse yourself to sleep...

Yeah, we at Oh!Poppyseed™ don't get that. We love Mondays. We go to sleep on Sunday morning so excited to get back to work the next day that sometimes we can't even get to sleep. Then we stay up and watch Stranger Things for the eighth time while chowing down on some soul-nourishing biltong. Fuck yeah.

Anyway, because we love Monday's so much and we love food that's good for your soul, we've recently partnered up with those cool dudes and dudettes at Green Monday SA (GMSA). We like what they do and want a part of that action.

You may be asking yourselves, WTF is GMSA? In short, it's is an initiative by the Humane Society International, those peeps in the overseas who work tirelessly to help animals of all shapes and sizes, aimed at promoting a plant-based lifestyle one Monday at a time while educating peeps in the country about why eating green is good for you, other animals and the environment.

We're totally down with that.

Want more deets? Check out more of what they're about here.

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