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Homie Shout-Out: Purple Myrtle Vegans

As it stands, peeps, there is only one place to grab some plant-based awesomeness online, regardless of what it is. Yup, you guessed it, dawgs, it's Purple Myrtle Vegans (yeah, yeah, we know the image gave it away; whatevs).

The point is that if you want some vegan food, (like our biltong, of course) they got you covered. Wants some cheeky mugs to drink your coffee out of? They got you covered. Want some dairy-free chocolates for Easter? They got you covered. Want some... Ah, you get the point.

Go check them out at www.purplemyrtlevegans.co.za, whip out that credit card and go nuts! And, of course, we do mean by buying all of our biltong from them. Because (a) it tastes amazeballs, and (b) why not?

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