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Freedom, yo!

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Today marks a special day in South Africa's history. It is the day that we flipped Apartheid the middle finger and had our first democratic election, where that awesome guy Nelson Mandela was subsequently elected as our first real president. That's a pretty big deal because, you know, Apartheid was shit. People suffered under tyrannical rule and many people died in the quest for freedom. As a nation, we have now been democratically free for over 20 years, which is pretty sweet.

Yes, there is a lot of noise around Zupta and the various political parties all vying for governance of our beautiful country while trying to bad mouth each other. That's politics. There will always be noise with politics. It's like being Oh!Poppyseed without some cuss words thrown in for good measure. It just wouldn't be the fucking same, you dig?

So let's ignore the noise as much as we can and celebrate the fact that we are a free nation with the ability to vote and choose who governs this country. Let's celebrate our Constitution, which is one of the best in the world. Let's celebrate our diversity, and our ability to handle the shit that's thrown at us all the way from Nkandla. 

And most importantly, let's celebrate each other. Let's celebrate our humanity and our ability to feel empathy for others, to believe in and fight for a cause bigger than ourselves. To defend the marginalised, the weak, the defenceless. The voiceless.

We are all capable of this, so let's celebrate it. With a bottle of wine and a packet of mushroom biltong. You feel?

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