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Fun Fact Friday - Carrots

carrot funfactfriday orange rainbow


Ah, carrots. We love them. In fact, we eat so much of them that we're surprised we haven't turned orange yet. Or blue, or yellow, or green. Or any colour of the rainbow, actually.

How so, you might be asking? Well. The orange carrot that you're used to is actually not what they originally looked like. Carrots were, like, the original rainbows, minus the creepy leprechauns waiting at the end with lecherous grins.

Until of course, a Dutch botanist with a weird fetish for William of Orange (the guy who led the struggle for Dutch independence) decided to hybridise carrots to create the version we now see in every grocery store in every corner of the world. Apparently, he didn't like the taste of the rainbow carrots and thought Orange Bill would prefer sweeter ones.

As for us? Regardless of colour, carrots are the shiz-niz. In fact, we're gonna go eat some right now. In honour of Dutch Independence, you know.

Which is your favourite carrot? Tell us below!

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