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Fun Fact Friday - Asparagus

aphrodisiac asparagus libido sex

We all love doing the dirty. We do it for fun and we do it for survival. In fact, we can guarantee with 100% certainty that doing the dirty has kept humans around for thousands of years. Crazy, right?

Enter the asparagus (heh). This phallic veg has helped people get off on/with/in each other for centuries due to its aphrodisiac qualities. Greeks wrote poems about it and even the lauded Kama Sutra advised drinking asparagus as a paste before doing the deed because, you know, we can all do with increased libido in the moment.

Now that we got you excited (heh), be sure to chow down on some of those green phalluses and go get yourselves laid!

And, of course, let us know how it went. We love talking about nookie, after all.

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