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Fun Fact Friday - Strawberries

Is it a fruit? Is it a berry? What the hell is it? Strawberries got tons of peeps confused AF. Fruits are supposed to have seeds on the inside, right? Well strawberries have seeds on the outside. So, are they... vegetables?

Nah, man. It's weirder than that. Hold on to your pants for the mindfuck of the week. Strawberries are actually flower receptacles.

We know, right??

And what's weirder? Those "seeds" that are chilling on the strawberries face like scales from Daenerys' dragons are actually things called "achenes" - tiny fruits themselves which contain seeds inside them. Like, strawberries are fruity-flowers with fruit-seeds on them that themselves contain seeds? Woah.

So before we give ourselves a headache overthinking this, we're going to go and eat some strawberry fruits... uh, flowers.

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