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Fun Fact Friday - Celery

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Did you know that celery is not just a skinny plant, but it helps make skinny people? That’s right, this electrolyte-laden bad-ass moonlights as a weight-buster, helping people lose weight when they chow down on it.

How? Celery contains a fuckton of fibre, which helps you poop nicely, but contains only 6 calories per stalk. It would take almost 300 celery stalks to give you the daily recommended caloric intake you need (now, if you eat that many celery stalks you’re gonna have uncomfortably rock-hard poop, which is a pretty shit feeling, so we don’t suggest it). However, the fibre in the celery makes you feel fuller, so you eat less throughout the day.

So, if you wanna lose weight, put down that chocolate and chow down on some celery, yo!

What other healthy weight-loss techniques have you tried? Let us know!

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