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Fun Fact Friday - Broccoli

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Broccoli. Some of us love the shit, some of us hate it. But honestly, dudes, this tiny green tree-like veggie has gotten an unfairly bad rap. Like, in ‘Murica, President George W Bush (the first, slightly less douchy one) banned it from the White House. So all sorts of dumbass peeps around the country were like, “See, told you broccoli was shit, I ain’t eating it either”.

Now, why do we at Oh!Poppyseed stuff our faces full of broccoli despite Bush’s stupid comment? Because, peeps, broccoli is a Protein Powerhouse. Like, no jokes. Ignore all the rest of the awesome nutritional benefits this mutha has, at a calorie for calorie level, broccoli contains way more protein than steak. And what’s even better? You get all the sweet protein, with no fuckin’ cholesterol, trans or saturated fats.

So, next time someone asks that stupid-ass protein question again just smile, shake your head gently, then throw some broccoli in their faces.

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