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Fun Fact Friday - Watermelons

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Waterboys get a bad rap. They are under-appreciated, over-worked and all basically look like Adam Sandler to pretty much anyone who hears the word “Waterboy”. Sad, right?

In rolls the cool watermelon (cue any smooth music of your choice) to save the waterboy’s reputation. How so, you might ask? Well, they basically serve the same function. They hydrate you when you most need it. But what makes watermelons even cooler? They are jam-packed with nutritious shit as well. In fact, back in the days when peeps chucked their own poop out the window because piping hadn’t been invented yet, travellers used to carry watermelons around during long trips to keep themselves hydrated. The watermelon’s thick skin made it durable and therefore perfect for the long-haul, especially when you couldn’t afford your own waterboy to make the trek with you…

So next time you’re playing a sport, chilling by the beach or just plain fuckin’ thirsty, crack open a watermelon and hydrate yo’self.

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