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Fun Fact Friday - Pineapples

Pineapples are the perfect summer fruit. They are yellow, like the sun. They taste amazeballs, like a dairy-free ice-cream. And they are easy to prepare, like the…

Wait, no. Sorry, that’s bullshit. Let’s be real here. Firstly, pineapples can be found practically year-round in certain stores. Secondly, pineapples are a bitch to prepare. They are prickly, stab you when you aren’t looking and can be choking hazards if the flowers aren’t chopped off correctly. However, if you can get past the labyrinth on the outside, you will be presented with a delicious treat that is helluva good for you.

But, dudes, do you know what else is interesting about these fruits? Well, a few things. For example, their flowers (you know those things on the outside that may require the Heimlich manoeuvre if stuck on your throat) are actually berries that coalesce at the core of the fruit while it grows. So, the big fruit you chow down on is actually a squished-up bunch of smaller fruits. Think sardines, but better tasting and without the murder and cruelty of cramming them in tins.

Another interesting thing - and we were like, “what the fudge?”, when we found this shit out - is that the pineapples colour doesn’t actually have anything to do with its ripeness. The different colours are simply an indication of where they were grown. So a green pineapple is just as edible as a yellow one, as a brown one, and so on.

So, next time you’re at Food Lover’s Market, don’t leave those green baby’s behind. Grab them, core them and eat the fuck out of them.

What are your favourite pineapple recipes? And which ones are your favourites? And how many times did you cut yourself while eating them? Tell us below!

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