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Droëwors and Soon-to-be Improved Shelf-Life

🌱 We pride ourselves in making your favourite plant-based biltong (as Lizzy and Constance’s smiles indicate!). And, let’s be real here: who doesn’t love biltong? We also pride ourselves in our mission to making your favourite snack accessible to everyone, whether you have never eaten meat before or want to reduce your meat consumption.

💚 In order to achieve this goal, we have had to make a few difficult but necessary decisions in recent months. We appreciate that some of you, our valued customers and friends on this journey, may not be happy with some of our news and we apologise for that. We have outlined our thinking behind these decisions below.


1⃣: we are discontinuing our Droëwors Sticks in order to focus on making even better Slices and Chunks.

2⃣: we have had to change our packaging and will SOON be shelf-stable at room temperature for at least TWO months! 😮

If you are interested in hearing more detail regarding our thinking (it would make us feel better, you know), keep reading below.



😋 Our Biltong Slices and Biltong Chunks are our better selling products (because they are sooooo goooood). This, coupled with numerous quality complaints from customers regarding the Droëwors Sticks (they tend to go hard relatively quickly), resulted in us reviewing our product range and taking the decision to consolidate our operations in order to get the best plant-based biltong products to you.

😞 We have therefore taken the decision to discontinue the Droëwors Sticks, at least for the foreseeable future. This will increase our capacity to improve on the slices and chunks, making them the best bits of biltong you ever chowed down on. BUT, our slices and chunks have improved, and will continue to improve in quality. Try them out!


❄️ As many of you know, our products have a short shelf life, unless they are kept frozen. We recognise that most people don't go looking for biltong in the freezer, so in order to make our products accessible to most people, we need to put our biltong where biltong is normally stored: on the shelf, at room temperature.

♻️ We are an environmentally conscious company and wanted to make a positive environmental impact by using biodegradable bags for our biltong. Unfortunately, biodegradable bags are porous, so they “breathe”, affecting the shelf-life of our products in particular (they are great for loads of other products, especially dry products). This is one of the reasons our room-temperature shelf life is currently so short and why we often recommend freezing the bags if they won’t be consumed immediately.

🚚 In order to reach more people, we had to find ways to improve the shelf life of the product at room temperature. We could then be available at more stores (like your favourite one just down the road), and you could take the biltong on long international holidays for when you're feeling peckish.

🔎 We searched long and hard for eco-friendly alternatives and have tested lots of them, but we were unable to find any that would work for us. This left us with no choice but to switch to recyclable plastic, which we can vacuum seal, at least until an eco-friendly option becomes available that enables us to retain a long shelf-life.

✅ What is the upside to all of this? Our NEW, IMPROVED bags will soon be ready! We were hoping to have them launched by now but we have a few last-minute kinks we need to sort out, so we will realistically only launch the new bags early in 2019. While we are still testing for longevity, we know that our product will be good for at least 2 MONTHS when kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. No freezing required. Just chuck it into your cupboard, gym bag or handbag to enjoy whenever you want! Obvz, we will keep you post as soon as the new range is ready!