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Oh!Poppyseed™ Smokey Brintong

R 35.95
Time for something smokin', yo! This mutha is tough, packed full of flavour and with a hint of smoke that'll make your mouth water for more. With a f***ton of fibre, folate, potassium, manganese and other vitamins and minerals, these snacks are healthy as well as delicious. Ingredients: brinjals, whole...

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Platonic Partners

We're not just some cool as f**k business that likes to provide peeps with amazing food and drop the f-bomb a few times while we're at it. Nah. We wanna change the world. We wanna see people smile because they're part of a movement that is making Madre Earth smile back.

That's why we love other peeps and organisations that are on the same wavelength as we are. We make a point of partnering up with 'em whenever we can.

Check out our partners blow, yo!

Green Monday South Africa

With Green Monday SA it's all about cutting out the meat and dairy for one day and chowing down on some delicious plant-based food instead. They'll help you out with reducing your consumption of our fellow Earthlings and learning how to prepare some vegan meals that are so good you won't know what hit you. But, like, in a good way. Find them here, yo!

The South African Vegan Society




Whenever people wanna reduce their animal consumption they inevitably find their way to SAVS. It's like the grand-daddy of all things vegan in South Africa, from info on WTF the V-word means, to recipes, to events, to a f**kton of other stuff. Find them here, yo!